Sternglas Alpha


Augmented Reality-Binoculars for Astronomy

Graduation Project, 2015

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.
— Carl Sagan

Sternglas Alpha was my graduation project in Wuppertal. It was intense and complex but insanely fun: I had the chance to immerse myself into the topic of astronomy which had always excited me. Ever since I saw Saturn with a telescope in my parent's backyard I've been fascinated with the cosmos. Needless to say that this fascination is growing larger every day. 

The goal of this product is to spark and nourish the curiosity for the space around us by combining top notch astronomy binoculars with exciting Augmented Reality Technology. 

And to look up more often.

As digital integration in everyday life continues, we’ll likely see more products like the ‘Sternglas Alpha’ binoculars come to light to enhance traditionally analog activities.
— Trendhunter

Behance Best of Product Design 2016

Finalist Bavarian State Prize for Young Designers 2016