Porsche Design

P’6400 Neowatch


Heritage Connected Timepiece

Internship project at Porsche Design Studio (now Studio F.A. Porsche), Winter 2013


Disclaimer: Due to non-disclosure agreements with Porsche AG I am not permitted to describe this project in detail nor use the Porsche Design logo in images.

5 years ago (I’m writing this in 2018), about a year before the Apple Watch was launched, smartwatches by Samsung, LG, Sony, etc. approached this new species of product from a computer-perspective, and the design of these timepieces said “Look, I’m a really, really small smartphone”.

Not surprisingly, that didn’t go too well. Wristwatches are extremely personal objects, often passed down for generations, and have more or less one single function – display time.

So instead of starting off with a computer or smartphone and substracting features until it can be crammed into a tiny device, I decided to start off with a wristwatch and assess which connected features might actually add value to a timepiece while keeping it as what it is – a timepiece.

We haven’t really cracked the need for a smartwatch, as humans. Instead of designing a unique and desirable wristpiece, we’ve done the obvious, which is create a mini-computer on our wrist. The P`6400 is positioned as a Neowatch, an evolved timepiece dedicated to displaying and giving access to information that matters.
— Yanko Design