Growing up

A few years after being born in Santiago de Chile, my family and I moved to Germany. 4 years later our next stop was Buenos Aires and 2 years after that Manila. In 2001 we returned to Leverkusen in Germany where I attended and finished high school.



In 2010 I was accepted for the Industrial Design major at the University of Wuppertal, where I would explore my passion for design for the next five years in a familiar, determined and ambitious academic environment. The "Wuppertal Process" embraces a classic design thinking approach  and emphasizes innovation-driven product development in a realistic context, underlined by projects in cooperation with companies such as Braun and Deutsche Telekom. In 2014 I earned the chance to further deepen my experience and learn from new friends during an exchange semester at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio, USA. 



During my studies I got the chance to gain further experience at two very different and exciting consultancies. The first one was Porsche Design Studio, now Studio F.A. Porsche, in Zell am See in the Austrian Alps. The focus of my work there was on high-end consumer and investment goods for external clients as well as on in-house design of premium products for the Porsche Design brand. My second internship was at HUGE Design,  a dynamic, renowned agency in the heart of San Francisco, California. There I was involved in a wide range of projects for small start-ups as well as global tech-companies.



After graduating and a bit of traveling I started working at Design3 in Hamburg, an award-winning product design consultancy with a focus on consumer electronics, bath products and kitchen appliances. Here I've had the opportunity to apply and further develop my skills in a wide variety of projects for renowned national and international clients. 


Everything in between

I believe exploring things you don't know much but feel curious about is an essential part of being a designer and creator. I live by this principle in everything I do, be it at my desk or in the outdoors. Apart from my passion for visual experiences, which I live through my design work and photography, I've also developed a deep interest for natural and social sciences, ranging from psychology and economics to astronomy and a little of astrophysics (the latter rapidly brings me to my intellectual limits...). I think that the more we learn about our planet and people through traveling, reading and conversation, the better our position becomes to question everything and thereby explore an exciting future.