Braun V1


Wireless Media Projector System

Cooperational project with Braun/Procter & Gamble and Prof. Oliver Grabes, Summer 2013


Disclaimer: Due to non-disclosure agreements with Braun GmbH I am not permitted to describe this project in detail nor use the Braun logo in images.

Braun V1 rethinks the way we can enjoy media at home. A lightweight, compact projector with integrated stand allows to use virtually any surface in any room as a screen – freeing yourself from the static television device. The Wifi connection allows to use any streaming service comfortably from the V1 app. Add the sleek V1 speakers to the ecosystem for a next generation media experience.

From the 1960’s to the 1980’s Braun used to have quite the brand presence in people’s living rooms thanks to its advanced and iconic HiFi-systems. Braun V1 quotes that heritage in its design and works as the brand’s return ticket into our living spaces.

Dieter [Rams] would have liked this.
— Model maker at Braun who used to work with him, unfortunately I've forgotten his name