Digital Product Designer at - an IBM Company / IBM iX

In May 2017 I joined / IBM iX in Düsseldorf, this switch being my definitive jump into general User Experience Design – general in the sense that at that point it didn't matter to me if the products I would design were analog or digital as long as I got to focus on the actual interaction between human and product.


4-day trip to New York City in February to work with the IBM Watson Health team on a HIPAA-enabled marketing ecosystem.

December 2017: Hackathon weekend in the IoT Watson Center in Munich with Vorwerk and BMW as clients.

In November 2017 we started ecxchange – a series of talks held by employees for other employees, friends and neighbours. The first talk was about blockchain and whether it will chain the world. The second one orbited around cognitive biases and heuristics, titled Digital Irrational. The reception was great and the hour-long conversations with our guests were fantastic. 

In May 2018 I received the domain ownership for IBM's Enterprise Design Thinking framework at, with the goal and responsibility to weave problem-oriented thinking into an interdisciplinary mindset throughout the agency. Work in progress. 

Born out of the first ecxchange talk, we developed our first ever blockchain offering together with our friends at IBM Blockchain – a strictly user-centric assessment and ideation workshop to identify the potential of blockchain technology to grow our clients' businesses, putting their users' needs in the focus.

I learned how to make okay milk foam.

In charge of the overall concept and appearance of's booth at DMEXCO 2017 and IBM iX's booth at DMEXCO 2018.